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Is your child anxious, easily angered, or struggles to focus at school?

Maybe your child has difficulties with friends, everyday emotions and seems to not express emotions in a healthy way?

Please rest easy. You’re in the right place. So many children have similar difficulties and it’s extremely frustrating as a caregiver when you just don’t know how to help.

Because children’s brains are developmentally wired differently, they don’t often express emotions easily with words.

Since traditional talk therapy isn’t generally effective with little ones, I use play therapy to help my young clients.

Play therapy works with the child where they are, using their natural language of play. In play therapy, toys are the words and play is the language. Amazing breakthroughs happen almost by magic through play therapy.

With me, you’ll always get an advocate for you and your child.

I’ve been trained in a wide variety of play therapy techniques to customize a specific treatment plan for you and your child.

Every step, from the first phone call to the last session, we’ll work together as a team to get your child to be the happy and healthy child you know is in there.

If this sounds like something you want for both you and your child, give me a call. I have flexible evening and weekend appointments. Looking forward to working with you!

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