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At True Hope, we offer individual therapy for those from ages 3 and up. For the little ones, we offer play and sandtray therapy. While working with the little ones, we offer a way to communicate with their natural language, which is play. We offer a large, well-stocked play room, as well as a sandtray area to facilitate the child’s communication of thoughts and feelings as well as to help learn skills to improve behaviors.

While we work with your child within individual therapy, we also offer support for parents and guardians. By providing support, encouragement, and knowledge for you- the child’s caretaker- your child will move towards healthy behavior and feelings even more quickly.

Couples Therapy

If you are at your wits in within your relationship and want to seek a way to a better, more fulfilled marriage or relationship, we can help

At True Hope, we have no agenda other than helping both of you be happy together.

Stop dreading the sound of your partner’s voice or wincing at the sight of his car in the driveway. You don’t have to live like that.

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