Nikki West, LCSW, RPT-S, ICST

Nikki West

Seeking therapy is a daunting task. By the time we’re ready to ask for help for ourselves or our child, things seem

almost unbearable. We feel isolated, frustrated, and even shameful.

Know you are not alone, hope does exist outside of the constant anxiety that can go with daily life.

What I do is I provide hope.

When you work with me, I provide real, practical direction and support for those times when there are no easy answers.

When you step into my office, you’ll experience a place where you or your child can feel comfortable, confident, and unafraid of judgement or pressure.

While I’ve worked with many clients, my passion lies with helping children and teenagers.

I help children and families address issues such as separation anxiety, abuse, defiance, adoption, school refusal, disrespectful behaviors, ADHD, and depressive conditions. In addition to being a mental health therapist,
I also have extensive additional training in various types of play therapy, such as sandtray therapy.

When you work with me, you not only get a supportive partner for you and your child, but you also gain an experienced guide to walk with you towards health and happiness.

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