Family Therapy

IMG_8124Often during the course of treatment with your child, family therapy will be necessary to further improve on or open up the lines of communication within the family. Of course, your child will always feel safe knowing that anything brought up within the family session will be approved of before the session, in an effort to help your child know that his or her feelings are always safe and protected with the therapist.

The big purpose of family therapy is to highlight and change the patterns of behavior within your family. Often times, the dance steps done by the family are not even acknowledged or realized as being present. Within this dance, unspoken and unseen behaviors and words can be harmful to all family members. Throughout family therapy, we are able to help change the dance steps within the whole family so that not only does your child get better, but the family as a whole is healthier- resulting in less fighting, harsh words, frustration, and criticism. Imagine enjoying the gift of your family rather than dreading every interaction.

We can make that a reality for you.