Unfortunately, parenting with an ex-spouse or partner is not always easily. In fact, it takes work and effort on both of your parts, as the child’s parent, to reduce and prevent emotional and mental damage to your child as a result of the uncoupling.

Chances are that you don’t communicate very well with your ex. Through co-parenting sessions, we work to help you learn to move past the fighting and bickering that was once a staple of your interactions towards parenting your child in a way that is efficient and helpful for your child.

It won’t be easy, but we will work together with BOTH of you to make your life, and most importantly, your child’s life, run more smoothly. Through learning these positive co-parenting strategies, you won’t have to worry about “throw-downs” in the emergency room or icy stares during drop offs.

Chances are, both of your aren’t going away because you both love your child more than live itself. Let us help you make the situation where your child feels love and stability from both of you, in spite of past interactions.