Why Play Therapy

Since we provide specialized play therapy services, many of our clients are children. We have a well-stocked play room, which helps us, as therapists, meet the child where they are, which is in play. Play therapists believe that play is the child’s language and toys are their words. Through play therapy, a child can naturally work through and express feelings, thoughts and behaviors when words are just not enough or available.

Why do we use play as a way to do therapy? Because this ISN’T how kids communicate.

Your therapist has been trained to not only work with the child to facilitie growth and expression but also interpret the behaviors of your child during the session. While we, as therapists, are not magicians, it often seems that way because play therapy works so naturally. What others may view as “just playing” in the play room is actually difficult, reparative work being done on the part of the child during the session.

If you are still unsure of how play therapy works or what is involved, watch this short video.

If you are ready to help your child make friends, enjoy life, and be that wonderful child you know is lurking inside, contact us to make an appointment.