Carol Williams, LPC

AJ8Z0068Are you interested in making changes in your life?

Perhaps you’ve been ignoring feelings for just too long?

Maybe you would like to make changes in your life but are unsure where to begin.

The desire for change is healthy, but can be overwhelming, sometimes leading to feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness.

My job is to listen to your feelings, concerns and stressors. Not only will I listen but I will also actively collaborate with you to determine the changes to make in your life to usher in joy and happiness.

I specialize in working with individuals experiencing life transitions along with clients who are having problems with disordered eating.

Eating issues are many times directly related to other difficulties in life. This is where I help- I help resolve underlying issues so that the disordered eating can fall away.

In addition, I have success working with individuals/couples to resolve conflict, improve communication, and enrich relationships.

If you are wondering where to turn to save a relationship, I can help.

Whether you are dealing with grief and loss issues, feeling unfulfilled in your work or family life, or find that you are not coping well with life, you are not alone.

Contact me at or 870-219-7650 and we’ll get you not just feeling better but also living the life you were meant to live.