What’s normal for a 3 year old? And when to be concerned…

Having a 3 year old can be like having a teenager in your house…they look like children (or adults) on the outside but then they do things that just have you…


Is it normal for my 3-year-old to throw fits when he doesn’t get the type of cookie he wants?

What about not wanting to spend a night away with grandparents?

Unfortunately, children don’t come out with instruction manuals so it leaves we parents to just wonder, ask questions from our friends, Google, post in Mom Facebook groups..anything to give us the answer to that dreaded question of…

Is my kid normal??

Here’s 3 areas of concern that parents (like you) wonder about..

1.What’s normal: Your 3 year-old is frustrated by limits and exhibits temper tantrums. They will say no often and argue with the you about everything.

When to be worried: You need to be concerned their resistant behavior is going on all the time every time a limit is set.
Your child is unable to be soothed.
Then temper tantrums occur more often than not and last a long time. It’s disruptive to the family and your home.
You get nervous and dread going out to eat with your child because you KNOW the looks you’ll get from everyone when YOUR child starts screaming and throwing a fit because they didn’t have the type of chicken nuggets your child likes.
2.  What’s normal: Your 3 yr. old has difficulty sharing with peers and developing self control. You think something that easy to compromise about (a toy or a book) becomes a battle.
This is a normal stage for children. They’re just learning how to share with others and that others get hurt by our actions.
When to be worried:  You should be concerned when your 3 yr old is continually hitting, kicking, etc. because they’re angry.
They are violent toward peers and teachers and may even have been expelled from daycare for this violent behaviors.
Your child goes straight to violence rather that attempting to use words.
You’ve been the victim of bruises, hitting and kicking, resulting in others commenting, “Wow, you wouldn’t think a little thing could do all that.”
3. What’s normal: Your 3 yr. old cries when you leave. He misses you and but be soothed by another caregiver and calm down within at least 5 minutes.
It hurts your heart a bit when you leave to hear him cry but the staff at the preschool assure you he’s fine a few minutes after you step out of the door.
When to be worried: You should be concerned when your child is excessively upset, such screaming until she can’t get her breath, kicking others, throwing up, etc when separated from you.
She worries about leaving you constantly and even begins to cry and obsess several days before the before the planned event.
Your child may complain of stomach and head aches, may throw up while on the way to the daycare or fear something bad will happen to you if they’re not actually with you.
If you’ve found you nodding your head to one or more of these categories when thinking about your child, we can help.
You don’t have to revolve your life around your child’s worries and behavior. It can be better. Click the form below to reach out and let us help





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