Co-parenting 101: What Information Belongs to my Ex?

Being an ex is never the optimal outcome. We don’t go into relationships thinking they will end, but unfortunately relationships do end and when children are involved, things can get sticky.
It’s quite common for people who were once each others confidantes to struggle with now being exes.
You may not be sure what information you have to tell your ex vs how much you are used to communicating when you were in a relationship.
So now that your relationship is over, what information still belongs to your ex?
Very little information!
Here are some things to think about when considering if information belongs to your ex:

1. Are you court ordered?

In some cases, a judge will court order for the primary custodian to give information about your child to their noncustodial parent.
This could include information about their health record, school dates, extracurricular activities, etc.
You might also be required to inform your ex if you plan on taking your child out of town.
Sometimes there is a 3 night rule such as “if you will be out of state for more than three nights then your location including phone numbers to get in touch with the minor child must be given to the other parent”

2. Is it in your child’s best interest for the other parent to know?

This could include a recent fear your child has that may effect time at both homes or maybe a negative behavior of your child’s that happened at school.
It could also include positive life events such as your child participating in a volunteer project or getting a lead role in a play.
This information should be given so that both parents can participate in basic parenting and have the ability to congratulate the child for achievements

3. Is the information about you personally and has nothing to do with your child?

This information now belongs to you.
You should not feel obligated to give your personal information to your ex such as your own personal doctors appointments or therapy appointments.
You do not have to inform an ex if you went on a date, changed roles in your job, or even try a new restaurant.
Outside of information that directly effects your child or a court order then the information now belongs to you! 
If you find yourself in a situation now where you’re struggling to figure out this co-parenting stuff or maybe you’re just tired of dealing with the drama with your ex, we can help.
Shoot Annie an email below and she’ll be in touch soon about helping you learn how to handle the sticky situations of co-parenting.



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