3 Books To Help Your Child with Anxiety and Worries


Every child experiences worry, fear, anxiety and frustration from time to time.

Does it ever seem like it’s too much for your family to handle?

Some children have a harder time than others in dealing with these big feelings, even when the source of the feelings seem minor.  Other children have major things going on in their lives leading to their worries and frustrations.

If either of these situations sounds like your kid, here are three books to help them learn to take time to STOP, THINK and BREATHE. They’ll also help you, as the parent, help them through the worry and anxiety.

  1. Angry Octopus, by Lori Lite, illustrated by Max Stasuyk.

This book teaches breathing and relaxation techniques in a way kids can understand and put to use.

Managing anger is a skill that can be developed, and this colorful book can help.

  1. When My Worries Get Too Big! by Kari Dunn Buron.

In addition to being an illustrated book for kids, the second edition of this book is an excellent resource for parents and teachers of children with anxiety.

Your child will learn concrete relaxation methods, while you will grow your toolbox of ways to help them through tough times.

  1. Wemberly Worried, by Kevin Henkes.

If your child is a worrier, they’ll likely relate to Wemberly the mouse.

While this book may not offer solutions to worrying, it’s nice to meet a character going through similar things, and even overcoming some of her worries.

If your child’s worries, anxieties or anger have become bigger than you can manage alone, please reach out and make an appointment.

We have many strategies for helping you and your child not just cope with anxiety but also thrive throughout these years.

Shoot us an email below and we’ll get you and your child feeling and doing better!




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