Welcome to True Hope Counseling.  I’m Amy Flahery and  I work to create hope and connection for all ages. When you step into my office, you will receive unconditional acceptance and advocacy on your journey towards health and wholeness. 

I offer specialized services for my ideal client. To find out if you are my ideal client, click here.  

Below are some of the distinctive benefits of working with me.

  • Individualized service
  • Connect with your therapist directly, even before the appointment
  • Confidential and welcoming atmosphere
  • Large play therapy room used to explore feelings in a child-friendly space
  • Many methods used to address issues for all ages, such as sandtray therapy
  • Family involvement, including parent training
  • Psychological testing available
  • Insurance plans accepted
  • Flexible scheduling

If you would like to speak to me about how to take steps towards a better life, email me here. I will respond shortly and we can be on our way towards creating hope and connection!